The MAT Program has been successfully delivered across Victorian schools in the following modalities:

targeted interventions

For young people who are at risk of disengagement from school due a variety of risk factors, including: mental health issues, family crises, drug or alcohol use, low educational achievement, criminal behaviour.  Targeted Interventions can be delivered on a One on One basis, or in groups of up to 12 students in order to better focus on key strategies for that individual or cohort of young people.

positive behaviour support

For larger groups of young people or entire school year levels in consultation with the school as a way to reinforce a set of positively stated behavioural expectations including:  emotional regulation, resilience & anxiety management, respectful relationships, active mindfulness, protective behaviours and integrated leadership. 

Format and Length

The MAT Program is delivered in weekly sessions for an average period of 10 weeks with the length of each session tailored to suit each school’s periods (e.g. 60 - 90 minutes).

Longer programs such as the Sustainability MAT Life Skills Program are available and include strategically positioned follow up sessions throughout the school year to reinforce the strategies and tools provided to the students and the school community. Shorter programs supporting special school activities such as wellbeing days can be arranged on request by the schools.

The MAT Program uses a selection of Personal Development Themes that are tailored to the school’s needs and student’s year level and particular requirements. Schools select the specific theme (or themes) that will be communicated in our sessions during the planning stage of our booking process.

personal development Themes

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Emotional Regulation.png
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Our program uses the Victorian Curriculum on Personal and Social Capabilities as a reference tool to support the development of young people in key areas such as: 

  • Self-Awareness and Management

    • recognition and expression of emotions

    • development of resilience

  • Social Awareness and Management

    • relationships and diversity

    • collaboration

The MAT Life Skills Program uses an evidence-based approach, including; pre and post group surveys, school interviews, key success measures and risk management strategies throughout the planning, delivery and reporting phases of the program.

For further information on our RESULTS and THERAPEUTIC FRAMEWORKS used in our program please visit out IMPACT section.

EXAMPLE OF A session

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The MAT Life Skills Program is proudly run by the non-for-profit organisation TESSA Inc.

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