From talking and reading to children to enunciating values and role modelling, parents are the primary influence over young people’s personal and social development.  

Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing is strongly linked to their parent’s capacity for resilience, self-regulation and self-care.  The regulation of emotion is especially critical in parent-child relationships, for parents as models, and for children as a core developmental competence.

Positive emotional reactivity and self-regulation are important parental factors in developing healthy children’s temperament
—  Bates, et al Handbook of Temperament, Guilford Press, 2012

The question is, for us a parents, how to develop the necessary personal skills to provide the support that our children need to improve their lives.

How can we find time in our busy schedules or access inspiring non-invasive tools that provide us with messages, ideas, reflections and strategies to improve day after day as parents and individuals?

Everyone wants to improve, wants to be better, have better habits, live better, think better. But we can’t seem to actually do it! Time passes and these good intentions never seem to become a reality.

join the MAT 10 Week Challenge!


We created MAT 10 Week Challenge to do just that — to help you put in place specific actions that will help you to create a better life for yourself and your families!

During 10 consecutive weeks, you will receive the following tools delivered directly into your personal email inbox (or mobile phone) to help you stay on track during this exciting time:

✔︎ One specific personal skill to be developed each week: self-control, mindset, goal-setting, resilience, communication, self-talk, self-empowerment, focus, kindness and self-assessment

✔︎ Daily inspirational quotes (one per day for 10 weeks) reminding and encouraging you to live your skill on that day

✔︎ 10 mental AND physical challenges (one of each per week) to embody the skills that will help you improve your life

✔︎ Video resources supporting you throughout the way

✔︎ Printable Personal Journal (PDF file) to help you stay accountable and self-reflect during this journey

✔︎ Access to the wrap-up webinar with MAT Life Skill Instructors

✔︎ Your own MAT lapel pin delivered to your home

✔︎ 20% discount in any future workshops delivered by TESSA Inc. for one year.

the start date for the Next MAT 10 Week Challenge will be announced shortly

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